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I’ll be First in Line When Sex Hits the Big Screen: How Carrie Bradshaw Helps My Career and I Thank Her Every Day

September 10th, 2008

While gossiping over brunch the morning after a big night out and working through the stress of a career setback, the fabulous ladies of Sex and the City have evolved into cultural icons. Much like Cher and Madonna, the women are instantly recognizable with just one name; Carrie, Samantha, Charlotte and Miranda represent women in Manhattan at different crossroads of life.

They are, in fact, Manhattan.

That is why I take from them life lessons for my professional and personal growth. With their help, I have become a more savvy public relations professional and a strong, independent woman.

Have your cake and eat it too.
Carrie writes about her personal life for all of New York to read weekly — here she invites the fabled City into her apartment (and her closet) for us all to witness. Samantha takes risks and speaks her mind — in the office, in the bedroom, and in shops too! Miranda is an atypical high-powered attorney who continues working after she has a baby, a husband, a nanny. Charlotte runs an art gallery — until she chooses to be the perfect wife and hopeful mother.

These ladies work hard and do they ever play hard, illustrating that living a glamorous life at night means working 9-to-5…or until it is time to meet the girls for drinks and more.

Participate in a fashion show, even if you are not a model.
Carrie was swept off her feet when asked to participate in a fashion show that mixed real people with real models. With huge hair, heavy makeup and high heels, Carrie took to the runway with confidence, only to literally fall flat on her face (she should have been wearing flats!). Nevertheless, she got up (ok, so she got up after she was stepped over by an actual model) and finished strutting herself on the runway, because, after all, she is a real person and when real people fall, they get up and they keep going.

Yes, everyone gets knocked down, stepped on, rejected, hung up on and stood up at some point at play — and at work. Do like Carrie: pause gracefully, take a deep breath, make eye contact with the model who is waiting for you and get finished with your task. You will be a stronger person for it always.

Take a ride on the Staten Island Ferry (do more dammit).
Sailing away from the comfort of Manhattan, not to mention its character and personality, for the uncertainty, obscurity and fiery Guidos of Staten Island, these ladies demonstrate what it means to take a risk — and the rewards that come from risking. After watching the New York Fire Department strut their stuff for a charity calendar (hot…), the girls and I all discovered how stepping outside your comfort zone yields great rewards. And if you read below you will see how asking for help is not a sign of weakness at all. And a bonus learning: Setting goals makes anything attainable.

Charlotte proclaimed this was the year she was going to get married… so what if she was intoxicated on the ferry. She set a goal with a deadline, one that helped shape the rest of her year.

Samantha and Carrie met some new and exciting men that day that they would not have otherwise met in Manhattan (fire fighter dream hunk Ricky and local politician Bill). They fulfilled their heated fantasies, pushed boundaries and got back on the ferry and returned home to real life.

Ah life. It is one big ferry ride.

RSVP yes to every invitation.
Carrie was humbled when she taught a class at the Learning Annex to a room full of bitter, single New York women. In the follow-up class, she found an opportunity to share years of New York dating experience with women eager to listen. Then, while attending the funeral of a would-be boyfriend, Miranda agreed to a date with another man. Tacky? But that might be the man of her dreams.

Every invitation is an opportunity to meet new people and place yourself in new situations; you may meet your husband or your next boss or perhaps even your next BFF!

Lean on friends.
Carrie and Co. do not rely on men for solace. They depend on each other. Nothing is more important than your family, who will be there for you long after your coworkers have gone home and your boyfriend drops you off. Point made.

For these reasons and many more, I will be front of the line on May 30th to welcome back my close pals Carrie, Samantha, Charlotte, Miranda — and oh remember Mr. Manolo Blahnik.

Rebecca Silver is a better writer than Carrie, sexier than Samantha, a lot more poised than Charlotte and smarter (much less bitter!) than Miranda. She uses every available aspect of trends to create real PR opportunities for her clients every day…and looks pretty superb in Manolos.