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PUNK MARKETING: Get Off Your Ass and Join the Revolution

February 27th, 2007

January 30, 2007—New York—With the advent of technologies with funny names—like iPod, Helio, Bebo, and TiVo—consumers control what they watch and listen to, not to mention create and contribute. Marketers, however, did not read TIME’s December issue (that named “you” the Person of the Year) and have been desperately seeking a manifesto for the revolution around them. Now they have it.

Richard Laermer and Mark Simmons, authors of PUNK MARKETING: Get Off Your Ass and Join the Revolution (Collins; March 2007; $25.95), write: “More and more—and even more—consumers are now not really consumers at all but content creators and distributors of really good material.” And as consumers become less passive, traditional marketing has become obsolete.

According to this dynamic duo, snappy TV ads that used to grab attention and sell product are no longer even vaguely compelling. Web places, mini-machines, infotainment doodads and traditional media outlets have multiplied like Bunnies Gone Wild, thus segmenting the viewing audience so much that companies must target their consumers with laser precision and work with them to serve real and passionate needs.

But how…? If everything we’ve known prior is now moot, what do we do!

In PUNK MARKETING, Laermer and Simmons dive into organizations successful at promoting products, services or selves by reaching out handily to a precise demographic. They discuss videogames incorporating billboards targeted at gamers everywhere; television programs that make a product a star; and contests that inspire consumers to make an ad that shows off what they love and hate.

“Consumers want to feel the company they buy from has their seriously best interests at heart; so for them means being treated respectfully as sole beings and not units in some amorphous lump,” say Laermer and Simmons with their arms folded.

The new PUNK MARKETING is a manifesto for marketers to participate in the revolution that is consumerism 2007. It includes a new lexicon for a discipline in need of an overhaul. Founded upon specifics about how buyers interact with brands, it is more than theory. PUNK holds a set of usable tools for successful marketing insurrectionists who understand that if brands aren’t relevant, products rot on shelves.

Laermer and Simmons are ready to show those who market how to change their ways with techniques that aren’t tried or true…and are, ultimately, effective.

About The Hardworking Authors

Richard Laermer, the man behind six books, has written FULL FRONTAL PR and TRENDSPOTTING. As CEO of RLM PR, a veteran agency that practices the gospel of Punk Marketing, he spends his free time co-hosting of TLC’s Taking Care of Business and divides time between airlines.

Mark Simmons has more than 18 years’ marketing experience on both sides of the Atlantic, including a stint running bad-boy ad agency Crispin Porter + Bogusky. He is now a full-time consultant and works his brain out in Santa Monica and London.