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Dear Readers: A Letter from Richard Laermer

September 8th, 2004

Wow. One year ago, we created the Full Frontal PR Report—and what a year it’s been for all of us! We kind of knew we’d produce a newsletter packed with solid and at times controversial content that you guys would eventually read. We were sure we would ruffle a couple of feathers and provide laughs. We were pretty aware we’d get the occasional How Dare You Letter from readers and maybe even some “pickup” on a few of our more insightful pieces. What we didn’t expect was the enormous pass along and kudos we get every two weeks. So now we say, thank you.

Publishing the Report has been ultimately the most interactive venture we have undertaken at RLM PR. Outside of client and reporter contact, that is. We love the questions we receive and especially when someone says, “Don’t go there,” and we are glad you share our sense of humor and commitment to making sure we say what we feel.

We all have stuff to share about the industries we strive to make better; we’re glad to discover people in PR and marketing businesses want to get some of our collective guidance while picking up being dedicated to our opinions!

Most surprising is how many contributions of stories and suggestions for pieces. Oh and we especially like when people write us and say “Thank G-d someone put that in writing.”

So, once upon a time we produced the report as a marketing vehicle. We wanted more companies to be aware of the great minds that RLM has in stock…and give up why and how we do what we do. It still is that but has evolved into much more than some paragraphs on a Web site. A year later it has evolved into a real talk with our readers, that lets us share insight, ideas, experiences and more.

And finally, we learn from you too. Which in the end might be the reason we all got into the communications business.

Here’s to another great year. Thanks for the letters. And for not deleting us!