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Archive for September, 2003

Hack Vs. Flack

September 25th, 2003

In long-ago 2000, Washington Post columnist Gene Weingarten wrote about a tongue-in-cheek bet with a colleague at the newspaper, whereby they gauged the “desperation” of PR supplicants by trading coverage for humiliating personal stories. The article was—while condescending as hell—indicative of what can happen when random, quantity contact prevails over precise, topically oriented pitching.

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Ask The Small Business Experts

September 23rd, 2003

Richard Laermer
Q: How do I get a book published about my field of expertise?
Howard S.
Brooklyn, New York
A: While there is probably an entire book worthy of this question, a primer is offered here: It is smart to have a desire that shouts ‘I want to write a book’ when you’re a businessperson who has a [...]

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Capitol Confidential

September 1st, 2003

Some public relations gigs are tougher than others — such as being the spokesman for former Lt. Gov. Betsy McCaughey Ross

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