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Zingy, a leader in the burgeoning field of mobile media, came to RLM as they were preparing to acquire Vindigo, best-known for their CityGuide, a cell phone and PDA application for navigating cities. Zingy wanted to shed their image as “the ringtone company” and demonstrate that they offered more than just personalization products. RLM positioned the company as the first broad-based mobile media company that offered products in four categories: personalization, entertainment, information and community. RLM identified that while other companies would compete with Zingy in one or more categories, nobody could match them on all four.


Before of the acquisition announcement, RLM obtained interviews with top-tier and influential mobile media including Sinead Carew (Reuters), Michel Marriott (The New York Times) and Peter Kafka (

RLM carefully monitored trends in the mobile media industry and used numerous opportunities to position Zingy executives as experts. Whether journalists were writing their newspaper’s “ringtone” article or travel writers wanted to extol the benefits of mobile applications, RLM always ensured Zingy was at top-of-mind for those writers. With the launch of their latest game, Free Yayo, and the acquisition of Jamdat by EA, RLM is increasing coverage of Zingy’s games.

When serial entrepreneur and founder Fabrice Grinda left the company, RLM wasted no time booking speaking engagements and interviews for new CEO, Andy Volanakis. This effort culminated in profiles on and in The Hollywood Reporter.


Within only a few months, Zingy became recognized as the preeminent provider of mobile media thanks largely to the hard work of RLM’s team. As Zingy continues to expand their services, RLM remains poised to create and take advantage of all public relations opportunities as the company continues its growth.

Stories placed by RLM reached over 41,000,000 people. Zingy coverage included: