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In the 1950s and 60s, Gumby—and Pokey, his trusty steed—were TV fixtures as they joyfully lived the adventures every kid dreams of… Read why Gumby matters.

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Time Life: Hee Haw


Time-Life Inc, one of the world’s largest direct marketers of audio and video products, tasked RLM with garnering media attention around the release of the famous television show, HEE HAW, to DVD in stores and through a direct response campaign available to consumers online and by phone.


RLM incited a virtual HEE HAW riot among fans anxious for the show’s release after years off air.

Rather than focus only on national media outlets, RLM targeted regional print and broadcast outlets to create local buzz that stretched through to the major national media outlets.

Prior to the launch, RLM conducted preliminary outreach, sending notices and teasers to targeted media and releasing the news publicly with enough time before the launch to cultivate public anticipation and product demand.

Then, RLM relentlessly pitched daily newspapers, broadcast, and trade publications between the announcement and the day of the release to ensure broad coverage before, on the day of, and well after the launch itself.


Within the only a few weeks, news of Time Life’s release of HEE HAW was found everywhere from national radio networks to television, and in almost every daily newspaper in the top 25 markets in the United States. Stories placed by RLM reached 74,011,912 people in the US and Canada! HEE HAW coverage included: