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Epic Media Group


Headquartered in New York, Epic Media Group gives clients a full spectrum of advertising services, from brand building and engagement to performance-based customer acquisition solutions and brand safety assurance. Epic came to RLM to raise their corporate profile as an industry innovator and thought leader while also building recognition for their Online Intelligence (OI) Division.


RLM developed a clear and concise message matrix with media-savvy core messages that explained and differentiated Epic in a crowded marketplace. Following this, RLM conducted media training with Epic executives to ensure that these messages were delivered effectively in all media opportunities.

Understanding the dynamic nature of the media, RLM created compelling pitches promoting Epic’s expertise in everything from ensuring brand safety through OI and Traffic Marketplace’s recent partnership with Adometry, to their work harnessing the capabilities of the iPad, and Mike Sprouse’s accomplishments as CMO.

RLM also developed newsworthy content for Epic’s blog, recommending topics and editing posts, and distributing them via BusinessWeek Exchange and iMedia Connection. RLM also ghost-wrote bylines for Epic.

During the Epic/Connexus merger, RLM focused media outreach on Epic’s Online Intelligence Division, positioning OI President EJ Hilbert as an expert on online security. RLM created a platform to highlight EJ’s expertise that included blog posts, a bylined article series on Adotas (an influential advertising outlet read by executives across the industry), and speaking opportunities at various notable industry conferences.


RLM’s program resulted in coverage in outlets including: