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Cytori, a biotechnology company developing devices to harness the regenerative power of stem cells in the human body, enlisted RLM to increase the awareness of the process of using adipose-derived stem and regenerative cells as well as fat grafting as a means to treat heart disease and breast reconstruction patients.

Strategy and Tactics

Building on Cytori’s core message – the human body produces valuable stem cells that can help improve patients’ lives – RLM executed a comprehensive, layered media relations campaign that leveraged a number of different aspects of the Cytori story.

Cytori’s use of stem cells is on the forefront of medical technology.  To best showcase the awesome potential of stem and regenerative cells from the human body, RLM knew that the complicated subject deserved a detailed explanation from an outlet that looked to uncover the exciting possibilities in science and technology.  As such, RLM had the perfect outlet and reporter in mind and connected Cytori’s CEO Chris Calhoun with Wired for an introductory meeting that made such an impression that the reporter referenced the exact moment the two first met in the opening.  Following the initial interview, RLM continued to explain the importance and potential impact of Cytori’s work to Wired, bumping the story from a feature to a full-blown cover story.

In the beginning of the relationship with Cytori, RLM assessed the current discussion about stem cells and realized a critical aspect of Cytori’s story: many people did not even know the human body produced stem cells, never mind that they could help heal the human body.  RLM decided the best way to educate the most amount of people was constant outreach supporting news and data from Cytori’s clinical trials in Europe.

RLM successfully pitched the developments in the trials as well as the release of data to North American media.  These stories laid informed the public about the presence of stem cells within the human body and laid the groundwork for the potential availability of these procedures in the U.S. by demonstrating their healing powers.

Since fat grafting for breast reconstruction and augmentation is one of Cytori’s core businesses, particularly in the United States, RLM knew the best way to explain this aspect of Cytori’s business was by telling the stories of breast cancer patients who underwent breast reconstruction.   Working together, RLM and Cytori realized breast reconstruction patients across the country had extremely powerful stories of how breast reconstruction using fat from their own bodies helped regain their livelihood.  RLM harnessed the stories of these courageous and strong women to secure print, online and broadcast media coverage in their home markets, which were markets where plastic surgery and fat grafting were popular.  This approach helped raise the profile of the doctors with whom Cytori works, thus driving demand for the doctors’ capabilities among women and for Cytori’s PureGraft device among doctors.


The clearest demonstration of RLM’s effectiveness came when the November issue of Wired, displaying a pair of breasts with the headline “100% Natural: Who needs implants? How tissue engineering will radically enhance the future of medicine,” hit newsstands and mailboxes.

Since working with RLM, Cytori has been featured more than 50 times in more than 35 outlets seen by more than

Coverage to date includes:

Associated Press


Cardiology Today

CFO Magazine


Dow Jones

KFOR (Oklahoma City)

KFYR (Bismarck, N.D.)

KGET (Bakersfield, Calif.)

KJRH (Tulsa, Okla.)

KNBN (Rapid City, S.D.)

KNTV (San Francisco, Calif.)

KOB (Albequerque-Santa Fe)

KPLC (Lake Charles, La.)

KSNF (Joplin, Mo.)

KTFT (Twin Falls, Id.)

KTVB (Boise, Id.)

KXAN (Austin)

MIT Technology Review

New York Times Syndicate

Orlando Medical News

Orlando Sentinel


Reuters TV

San Diego Union-Tribune

Toronto Globe & Mail

WBBH (Fort Myers-Naples)

WCYB (Tri-Cities, Tn.)

WDTN (Dayton)

WHO (Des Moines-Ames)


WIVT (Binghamton, N.Y.)

WLBT (Jackson, Ms.)

WLTZ (Columbus, Ga.)

WMC (Memphis)

WPSD (Paducah, Ky.)

WREX (Rockford, Ill.)

WVTM (Birmingham)