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Consumer Reports


Consumer Reports, after compiling years of research and data on the validity and value of extended warranties, wanted to alert the country at Christmas time that extended warranties are usually a waste of money. Consumer Reports wanted to go outside their comfort zone with a national advocacy campaign anchored by a full page newspaper advertisement and supported by a national media outreach campaign.

Strategy and Tactics

Based on our success and expertise in conducting national advocacy campaigns, RLM’s goals were to:

  • Generate national media coverage positioning Consumer Reports as the source for the truth about extended warranties
  • Leverage the approaching holiday shopping season to alert the media and consumers about the pitfalls of extended warranties

RLM began by working with Consumer Reports to develop the core messages of the campaign. We then introduced Consumer Reports to VisualMax, an RLM partner advertising firm who was tasked with creating and placing a full page ad in USA Today during the week before Thanksgiving.

Working with VisualMax, RLM helped Consumer Reports create a targeted, creative and fun message designed to inform consumers that extended warranties are a waste of money. At the same time, RLM conducted targeted outreach to media outlets based on the core messaging designed to educate consumers about extended warranties.


RLM’s PR program led to interviews on Fox & Friends and CNBC’s Squawk Box as well as feature stories in the Los Angeles Times, New York Post, and Miami Herald and outlets including: