RLM is a smarter, hands-on alternative to big agencies.

Since 1991 RLM has helped both established and emerging companies utilize media and influencers to manage and initiate change. RLM’s public relations programs are designed to drive clients’ concrete business goals.


RLM is recognized for trendSpotting, the ability to place our clients ahead of trends. We demonstrate daily that smart and creative public relations is thriving.

Step 1.

Identify developing trends

  • Research
  • Influencers
  • Journalists
  • Competitors

Step 2.

Position clients to own trends

  • Creative Ideas
  • Messages
  • Metrics
  • Illustrations

Step 3.

Influence trends

Books by our Founder

2011 is packed with eye-popping predictions (and realities) on how you’ll live, work, play, buy, sell, talk, text, laugh and more. With 2011 you’ll learn how to participate in change instead of trailing it.

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